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The president of act 4 tomorrow
Will be pitching about food waste Saturday 15th of September

Are you a changemaker? Knowledge enthusiast? Environmentalist? Entrepreneur?
Do you want to contribute to the Lebanese waste crisis? Want to gain more awareness and generate ideas with a diverse group of people and solve Lebanon’s food waste problem?

Well then, you’re in luck! Join us for a special edition of Makesense workshop: FoodWaste SenseFicton in Beirut on the 15th of September for a full day workshop. The workshop is an ideation workshop on the topic of Food Waste in Lebanon using design thinking and collective intelligence tools.

Theme: Food waste
Time: 15th of September from 10 am till 4 pm.
Venue: Berytech , Mathaf , Beirut.
10th Floor, Conference Room. Google Location:

Workshop Outcome: Each group of participants would create an initiative to tackle food waste with a clear vision (StoryBoard) of its solution/project.
Registration: Free but you must register at this link:

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